I love ‘LOVE’ so much.
My lifework is to find, practice and share all the ways I discover to love and live life in a more wholesome and fulfilling way.


- Life -


Life is this opportunity I have to play on this planet and discover how to remove the illusion of separation. Explore many ways to love, give, receive, be grateful and share with friends and clients the fruits I discover on the way.


I have been working with Xavier for a few weeks now and I feel more alive and in my own power than ever before. Through his loving presence I feel the strength of my own self to be there for myself and to create the life I love to live. Constantly bringing me back to the truth of my own innate beauty and capacity to shine he is showing me what it is to stand in my energy and trust myself and my feminine gifts. He is truly a gift to the world. May all women shine from their hearts and may the embodied masculine spread far and wide.
— Aleasha, Byron Bay

- Abundance -


You are already abundant, you just don’t see it and block it. I can see it and I can help you remember this natural state of being. I can see your blocks and I can support you in removing them and help you move into a state of being that is magnetic; attracting riches in all areas of your life. Abundance in your health, wealth and happiness.


So grateful for the experience to remember so deeply my natural state of being and magnetism. Since working with Xavier I have increased to the point over overflowing the areas of love, health and wealth in my life. Thank you for helping me turn in and shed the blocks that were inhibiting me from living the life I truly desired.
— Leah - Byron Bay

- Love -


Though the dark night of the soul, I found the purity of love. The state of being and feeling that cannot be boxed, labelled, restricted or controlled. I found this first outside of myself in my relationship to my daughter. Loving her showed me how to ultimately love myself, everybody and the world. Beyond the wounds and the walls that block the flow of love in your life, your heart yearns to open. I help you to soften and remember the state of unconditional love that you innately are. The state of love that you ultimately want to attract.


I am so grateful to have met Xavier and for the experiences I have shared with him. His heart centred awareness, sensitivity and presence are powerful and healing. With Arya I found a great inspiration and confidence to drop deeper into my true nature.
— Sorayah Jude, France

- Power -


Most of us sabotage our own power with fear, shame or guilt. With great power comes great responsibility and I am dedicated to embodied practices that support me to channel and cultivate such power in a way that is appropriate and safe. A lot of our power is drained by our shadows; the parts of self that we keep hidden or repressed. Doing shadow work is the key to alchemising the dense blocks of fear into your superpower. Are you ready to step into yours?


Xavier is an amazing man. He helped me so much with different issues I had. The experience was really powerful, I traveled really deep within myself and found the roots of my anger and lack of self-worth. It was a blissful, shamanic and deeply healing experience. Forever grateful.

— Laurinda, Byron Bay